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1211 Melville st Vancouver Vancouver, BC V6E 2S8

$ 3,200

2 Bed, 2 Bath  |  1000 Sq Ft

Property Information

1211 Melville Street #3503 Vancouver BC
Available: December 1st, 2011
$3200 Per Month
Coal Harbour – 2 Bed+ Den Condo – 1000 Sqft

This Coal Harbour unfurnished apartment rental at The Ritz is a gorgeous superbly furnished 2 bed, 2 bath & den suite. It features beautiful views of Coal Harbour from each room. The layout is very well designed with the bedrooms located on opposite sides of the suite. The master bedroom has lots of space, a flat screen TV and a spacious bathroom with lots of closet space and a soaker tub. The 2nd bedroom has 2 twin beds which can also be pushed together if desired and also has great views to the south west. The suite also features a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the city and Coal Harbour. The den also provides a great work area away from the living room and bedrooms. There is also a dining area that seats 4 comfortably. This suite is luxury thought-out with granite counters, hardwood floors and high end stainless steel appliances. This suite comes with everything you need to make Vancouver your home.

The Ritz is located in Coal Harbour, the most desired neighbourhood in North America. You will enjoy the marinas, waterfront parkland, seawall promenades, fine restaurants, shops, galleries and charming landscaped street. The world famous Robson street shopping is two blocks away, beach is two blocks the other way, 15 minute walk to Stanley Park, 4 blocks from Pacific Centre Mall and Holt Renfrew. The building also provides a pool, hot tub, fitness center for your convenience.

Property Features

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Gym
  • Swirlpool/Hot Tub
  • Walking distance to Stanley Park



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